Indie Style

Believe it or not shoes are pretty important.

Nike High Tops Mary Jane Style Flats Old boots

But there is good news.

It is hard to go wrong..

The basic rules with shoes are that they must be unique. When In doubt buy a pair of low-slung converse chucks. If you have a little more balls then check out some high top sneaks like Nike, in day-glo or pastels. Black, white or red checker pattern is ok too. It's also considered stylish not to match. Most men can't anyways and lucky for you in Indie style it only looks more chic. The tousled-thrown-together look is very popular on college campuses because it requires very little effort.

This means shoes become very much statement pieces. Very loud shoes are best off set by simple clothing. If you do match then make sure black is the dominant color in your clothes. You wouldn't want to look like an Easter egg.

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