Indie Style

What Bikes and other Accessories?

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The bike is to Indie style what the banjo is to bluegrass, instrumental and necessary.

Indie kids can be seen around college towns like Gainesville, Fl. The majority of The University of Florida's student body uses bikes as a mode of transportation. The styles of bikes used ranges from the standard mountain bike to the beach cruiser to the sleek road bike. Iconic Indie style goes hand in hand with vibrant road bikes. The crème de la crème of Indie kids in Gainesville have the best road bikes.

So how do you get a sweet road bike?

Try local bike shops but these places mean heavy price tags. For example, In Gainesville the bike shops like Spin Cycles on University Avenue sell bikes any where from a couple hundred dollars to fifty dollars. If you don't have a lot to spend you can buy a bike that needs work or find a used bike at a thrift store. Unfortunately because of Gainesville's high demand for bikes this will be hard to pull off. Also get your bike registered with the University of Florida Police Department in case your expensive bike get's stolen. It will increase your chances of the police identifying your bike.

Sunglasses are also an integral aspect of the Indie style.

The older the better. Chunky Rayban's and Aviators reign king in this style.

They are worn at any time it does not have to be particularly sunny. Cheap Rayban Wayfarer fakes are popular in day-glo colors. Sunglasses should always been worn as a statement piece, are best loud, and should always be used with the bike.

Scarves and bandana's are versatile.

They can be used in many ways. Patterned scarves are supposed to be worn tied around the neck into a cowl or tied around the head. These can be worn around the forehead, the upper arm and the thigh.

Also bandanas look nice tucked into the back pocket, convenient for wiping your hands after a bike tune up.

Check out messenger bags.

The bags that are worn to the side, or across the back, work will with bikes. There's nothing more awkward than wearing a heavy backpack while biking to class said, Natalie Cox, a psychology student at UF.

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