Indie Style

Which Pants and Shirts?

Dancing Indie Kid Extream v-neck with skinny jeans and suspenders Vest over grey blouse and jeans


Let's start with pants. Jeans are not the only style of pants that are popular in Indie style. But denim is the norm and also the cheapest. The possibilities range from slacks, to cut offs, to jeans, to gym shorts. Anything really. It's all about how you wear them.

Anything you can find in a yard sale or a thrift store will automatically work, even those awful acid wash jeans. As long as you think you can get away with wearing anything, you will.

The basic rules are these.

Why is Indie style Expensive?

When I say it can be expensive I'm talking about shopping at boutiques. Because they are small businesses which sell new or artisan labels their products are notoriously more expensive. But sometimes the heavier price tags are worth supporting local businesses. The clothes can be made better than the mass produced because the creator has more time on each individual product. My advice is to buy well made statement pieces that will last you at boutiques and other wise shop the sales and thrift stores.

What Kind of Shirts to Wear

For guys this is pretty simple. There are the options between t-shirts, button-up flannel, and hoodies. Never wear polo's, sports team shirts, or button down collared shirts unless you are wearing a vest and or a blazer.

For women this is similar but is extended to encompass any shirt that is not from a well-known brand. The idea is to shop from small businesses. The simpler the shirt the better and the easier it is to accessorize. If you wear a very loud shirt then play down the rest of your outfit. Recently flannel shirts and dress shirts are becoming very popular for women.

Links to buy Jeans, Shorts and Trousers

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