Indie Style

What is Indie Style?

Indie Kid

Indie Style is more than a way of dress. For many people it's also a life style. What does that mean? It means that Indie is defined as: one that is independent. This word can describe music, clothes and most persons, places or things. Some argue that the term is used too much.

Indie started as a nickname for obscure bands. Those that were on independent, not mainstream, record labels were called independent. Today the term is used to describe a genre of music more than the origin. Since the 80's, dedication to the independent and off beat has been incorporated in the fashion world and into a credo or way of life.

For example in Gainesville, Florida there is a large alternative community. People who reject the traditional avenues of mass consumer culture shop at small businesses and local markets instead of the big box supermarkets. They ride bikes instead of drive cars, wear their clothes a little too tight, and forget to wash their hair.

As with any style, the hallmarks of Indie style can be taken too far. It is not generally accepted to reject soap in an attempt to appear economically poor but soulful and wizened. This website will look at the various details that come together to comprise Indie style so that you too can be an Indie kid. It is both a celebration and a parody of the independent style of dress.

So whatever you do, don't take this too seriously.

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