Kids can do storytelling

Kids are amazing storytellers. They have a lot of imagination and have a wonderful way of looking at the world. Do you remember when you were a kid and you asked to hear your favorite story over and over again? Well, not much has changed. Yes, we have video games and computers, but kids still like to hear a good story.

The basics of storytelling

It's always great if the story has: a villian and a hero. three people, places or things

Creating your own stories can be fun. You can make your own adventures and decide what your characters are going to do. When you tell a story for storytelling, it can be different each time, unlike when you read a written story in a book.

The story can change depending on the audience. You might leave out some parts of the story or add extra parts to the story depending on who you're telling it to. For an example, it's like when someone takes a toy of yours. You might say to the person who took it, "give it back" or "please give back my toy". You might tell your teacher the same story, but with a few added words. You might say, "Johnny grabbed my toy right out of my hand, while Sarah was looking at it and he wouldn't return it to me." We are always changing how and what we are saying depending on our audience.

Who will hear your story? Are you going to tell your story to your best friend, mom, grandma or teacher?

Why are you telling your story? Are you trying to entertain, encourage or teach?

Where will you tell your story? At dinnertime, in the car, at the library, at a festival or a religious program?