Ni hao!

Hello! If you followed the link and listened to the pronunciation of "ni hao" you've just had your first Chinese lesson. Congratulations!

Many Americans think Chinese is exotic and difficult--too difficult to learn. Yes, Chinese is different--with the roller coaster-like sing-song of its tones and the sibilant "sh" and "ch" sounds that resemble a treeful of cicadas.

The characters are exotic, too. Instead of the 26 letters we have in English, Chinese has tens of thousands of individual characters--each made up of from one to more than 20 separate strokes.

Despite its exotic appearance, though, Chinese--especially spoken Chinese--is not hard to learn.

This Web site will teach you some basics about spoken and written Chinese as well as why you should consider learning Chinese. Most importantly, this Web site will introduce you to spoken Chinese--with three video lessons in beginning Chinese. You will hear Chinese, learn vocabulary and see the Chinese characters and pinyin associated with these words. I will also explain some basic Chinese grammar and peculiarities of the language.

I can't teach you a lot of Chinese here, but hopefully I can get you excited about this culturally rich, linguistically fascinating and globally important language.

About me

Sui Xuan

My Chinese name is Sui Xuan. My English name is Maria Sui. I am 19 years old. I was born in Michigan but moved to China when I was two years old. I lived in Beijing for most of the next ten years. In Beijing, I mainly attended Chinese-speaking schools, including the Second Experimental Primary School of Beijing and the Second Middle School of Beijing Normal University. I returned to the Midwest in 8th grade, but have visited Beijing several times since then. I hope to visit China again soon.

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