The Box

A stack of shoe boxes

It all starts with a shoe box.

Plastic Shoe Box

For about a dollar, purchase a plastic shoe box for your gift. This can be reused as a container for your child to carry water or store items.

Real Shoe Box

Put your new shoes on your feet and fill your shoe box with goodies. Think of the child who received your gift when you look at your shoes.

OCC Shoe Box

Special foldable shoe boxes are designed for this very purpose. Put this neat red and green box together in seconds.

Wrap It

OCC shoe boxes normally don't need to be wrapped. You can enhance your real shoe box by wrapping it with Christmas or colorful wrapping paper. Make sure you wrap the top and bottom separately so that your shoe box can be checked before it is sent overseas. Plastic shoe boxes are difficult to wrap, so you might want to place colorful tissue paper underneath your items so it is visible through the box.