Pack it!

Arrange your gifts so your shoe box will close.

Put candy inside TWO ziplock bags. You don't want it to melt and ruin your gift.

Put your money on it!

Locate the envelope attached to your OCC brochure. Fill out the information on the envelope. Then, put $7 in it and place it on the top of the items inside your box. If you write a check, make it out to Samaritan's Purse.

Don't let it pop!

Secure your box with a rubber band.

Smack a label on it!

Cut the appropriate boy or girl label out of your OCC brochure. Mark the age group that is most appropriate for your gift.

EZ Give!

Pay online at EZ Give's page and print out the EZ Give receipt. Tape this to the top of your shoe box so that your gift can be tracked. At every stop of your shoe box's journey, it will be scanned so that you can check online where it's going. This way you'll know where it ends up.


Pray for the child who will receive your gift and for the volunteers that will deliver your gift.