Teaching Your Dog to Sit

Professional dog trainer Victoria Warfel, of Dark Saber Dog Training & Behavior Modification in Gainesville, Fla., demonstrates how to teach sit with her German shepherd Jedi.

Breaking it Down

When first training your dog to do tricks, sit is the best starting point.

Start by holding the treat above your pet's head.

Then slowly move it back behind his head, forcing him to eventually sit.

One the butt hits the ground, verbally praise the dog and reward him with a treat.

After a couple times, introduce the word in with the trick, and continue aobut 10 times until, he does it on command without the hand guidance.

Helpful Hint:

Training your dog to do tricks helps exercise the brain, and it reinforces that YOU control the goodies. Also, it can eventually take care of some behavioral problems when he is constantly being reward for good behavior.