About Sandcastles

The Basics

The most important thing needed to build a sandcastle is sand. The two most common types of sand used are "beach" sand and quarry sand.

Beach sand normally consists smaller grandules with smooth edges due to ocean tides. Most beaches do not contain a lot of silt, which is the loose sedimentary material mixed in with the sand. Beaches next to estuaries though are the best bet for a sturdy sandcastle though because it normally contains more silt.

Quarry sand is that which is found in quarry pits. Quarry pits are areas where rocks and minerals are extracted through explosions. The grandules that make up this sand are usually rougher and contain more silt, which makes it easier to have a much sturdier sandcastle.

Sandqube, Sand sculpture FAQs

Some of the basic tools include:

  • shovel
  • small, straight-edge tool of some kind
  • a bucket of water to help keep sand moist
  • things to decorate your castle

Tools you can buy at the store include:

  • shovel
  • bucket
A picture of four buckets. A picture of four shovels.

Tools you can find at home:

  • fork
  • spoon
  • knife
  • cookie cutters
  • spatula
  • measuring spoons
A picture of kitchen utensils.