a lacrosse stick

What is Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is like a version of hockey on grass. The game is played with 10 players on each team, consisting of 3 defenders, 3 midfielders, 3 attackmen, and a goalie. The object is to shoot a round rubber ball about the size of a tennis ball past the goalie into the opponents' goal.

However, it is a physical sport and the other team can take the ball away in many different ways, as will be explained in the complex moves section. The ball is held by a pocket of string on the end of a metal or wooden pole. Because of the physical nature of the sport, protective pads and a helmet are required. The paddding is described in more detail in the Equipment section. In conclusion, lacrosse is the most fun sport to play and this website will give you the necessary tools to enjoy it properly.

Brief History

The game of Lacrosse was invented by Native Americans but it is unsure when the sport started to be played. The French settlers coined the game Lacrosse when they came to America. The game is played with each player in possession of a stick with a pocket at the end with which the player can pass the ball, pick up the ball, and shoot the ball at a small goal. There are two goals and two competing teams that try and score on each other. Players may not use their hands to touch the ball.

People Playing Lacrosse
A competative game of Lacrosse is in session.

There were many differing types of Lacrosse played by many different tribes. For example, the Northern tribes such as the Iroquois played with one three foot stick whereas Southeastern tribes like the Cherokees played with two sticks, one in each hand. The sticks were carved out of wood, and the pocket was barely bigger than the ball. The ball was made out of deerskin.

The first non-native Indians to play Lacrosse were the English speaking Canadians from Montreal. They gave the game rules and regulations in order to try and make the sport more civil. Amateur clubs started and the sport quickly gained popularity. The clubs scrimmaged against the Iroquois, but they did not recognize the Native Americans as professionals until 1980.

Lacrosse was often played between tribes to settle disputes and sometimes even between warring tribes. There were many ceremonies and rituals that made Lacrosse more than just a sport to Native American players. The game was eventually banned by Indians in 1900 because of increased violence and gambling.