We have political parties?

Currently, there are four political parties vying for control during Tuesday night's Senate meetings. The Gator Party, the Orange and Blue Party, the Progress Party and the Unite Party. This page will serve as a guide showing the balance of power and what each party stands for.

The Gator Party Logo

The Gator Party

The Gator Party has been around for six semesters. However, it didn't run any candidates for Senate seats or the executive ticket this Spring election. It got a lot of heat during the 2008 Fall election when private e-mails were sent to the Independent Florida Alligator, UF's unofficial student newspaper, showing conversations between Student Body President, Kevin Reilly, Senate President, Kelly Dale, and Senate Pre-Tempore, Mary Grace Bell. The e-mails described their intentions to keep Orange and Blue Party members off of Senate committees and only accept pre-approved Gator Party members. For more info check out the party's Web site.

The Orange and Blue Party Logo

The Orange and Blue Party

This is currently the Orange and Blue Party's fourth semester in existence. This party prides itself on its indie mentality and never giving up in its fight against the man, or what they call SG's crony system. Although O and B didn't win any seats during the spring election, it still has about seven senators serving. O and Ber's do everything by the book, and will always call senators out when they don't follow parliamentary procedure, which is the rules and guides followed during Senate meetings. For more information check out the party's Web site.

The Progress Party

The Progress Party

The members of this party said they were tired of the bickering between Gator and Orange and Blue and decided to take matters into their own hands. Thus, the Progress Party was born in the spring of 2009. Although this was Progress' first election they earned eight Senate seats, taking all seven graduate seats and the fine arts seat. They've shown multi-partisan efforts this Senate term by co-authoring and supporting legislation with members from all parties. To get more info on the Progress Party check out their Web site.

The Unite Party

The Unite Party

Although this is the first semester the Unite Party has been in existence, it swept the election winning 42 Senate seats and the executive ticket. It's received criticism from members of the Orange and Blue Party and the Progress Party for being an new and improved version of the Gator Party after the e-mail scandal during the fall. Jordan Johnson, who will be taking over as Student Body President in May, refuted this statement countless times throughout the election. For more info check out their Web site.