What does the Executive Branch do?

The Executive Branch, which is comprised of the Student Body President, Vice President and Treasurer, is the main line when representing the voice of UF's Student Body to administration. They also oversee nine agencies, which include Accent and Student Government Productions who bring in speakers and bands to perform, 21 programming cabinets, who plan smaller events and workshops and 16 policy cabinets, who conduct research.

Student Body President

As the chief executive of Student Government, the Student Body President is in charge of the $13.3 million budget as well as appointing and overseeing the various agencies and secretaries within SG. However, the most important responsibility the president holds is being a true representation of the Student Body's opinion. The president serves as the student representative to UF President, Bernie Machen. The Student Body President also sits on the Board of Trustees, Athletic Association Board of Directors, Alumni Association Board of Directions, Foundation Board of Directors, Center for Performing Arts Board of Directors, and Harn Museum Board of Directors.

Before being elected Student Body President, Kevin Reilly served in the Student Senate for three years, where he spent about a year and a half as Allocations Committee Chairman. He then served as both Senate President Pro Tempore and Senate President.

“Being Student Body President has been a truly remarkable experience. It has been an honor to serve my students, my university and my state. I hope that the programs that we have initiated, the projects we have started, and the reforms that we have pushed will lead to a better experience for all future students,” Kevin Reilly.

Student Body Vice President

The Student Body Vice President serves on the Executive Committee when determining executive appointments. He or she also oversees the Cabinet Chairs and Directors in order to conduct programming that reaches the student body through various means.

Cabinets include: Academic Affairs, Advertising, Career Development Community Involvement, Community Political Affairs, Disability Affairs Cabinet, Freshman Leadership, Graduate/Professional Affairs, Greek Affairs, Health Affairs, Housing Affairs, Internal Communications, LGBTQ Student Affairs, Multicultural Affairs, Orange and Blue, Public Relations/Publicity, Research, Satellite Campus, Student Organizational Outreach, Technology and Women's Affairs.

Yooni Yi, the current Student Body Vice President served on the Freshman Leadership Council, was the ACCENT Assistant Treasurer, Cabinet Secretary of Student Affairs, the Gator Party President for two semesters and the Presidential Chief of Staff for former Student Body President Ryan Moseley.

“My term as Vice President has been very dynamic. It has an impact on an individual to have the realization that you are serving the whole student body and ensuring that their voices and concerns are heard. Being in a position such as SG VP, I learned so much about myself and I felt that I grew as an individual,” Yooni Yi.

Student Body Treasurer

The Student Body Treasurer is in charge of reviewing the budget that the Allocations Committee and Budget and Appropriations Committee submit. These budgets include, allocating money for about 90 student organizations, 24 college councils and special events. Once the Senate approves these budgets the treasurer makes sure the fees are spent correctly.