Why you should care

The University of Florida

Only 2 out of every 10 UF students vote during Student Government elections. Most people don't realize this, but SG has control over a $13.3 million budget, and all of that money comes from service and activity fees. These fees are taken from you tuition money and given to SG, who distributes them and spends them as they see fit. Also, the Student Body President sits on the Board of Trustees, UF's highest governing body, and serves as the only student voice they will probably hear. So why should you care about SG? Well that's easy, they're in charge of spending your money and representing your voice.

However, it's very easy to get bogged down by confusing jargon and practices. It's even easier to be intimidated with SG because you don't know who is in charge or what the different branches do. Like any democracy, UF SG has three branches --the executive, legislative and judicial-- and several political parties. The following pages will help give you an idea about what each branch does, what the parties stand for and some of the key players. Hopefully, once done reading this Web site you'll not only be more informed, but you'll also have a reason to vote in the next election. And if this Web site doesn't fill your SG needs check out some more pages.