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Networking your Work

Create a Web site, create a Web site, create a Web site! I cannot express how important it is to have your work online. When you go on a shoot give out business cards with your e-mail, phone number and Web site. I give out at least three to five business cards a day when I am not working. On a shoot, I give out dozens. Word of mouth is your best friend and it will be the key to becoming a full time photographer.

A Message from the Professional

Julie Dodd is a professor at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communication, she teaches writing for mass media communications and advises many students looking to go into a career in journalism.

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My Business Card Theory

When I was in high school I created business cards. I was 16 years-old with business cards and was laughed at occaisionally. Interestingly enough, the majority of my work is based on word-of-mouth because I give out three to five business cards everyday. If you make yourself business cards and make it a point to give them out to the right people, you will get a call and you will be published.

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