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Keeping Contact

So you got a photo assignment, what now? How do you stay in touch? First of all, do not be a pest. There is nothing more annoying to another photographer or editor than a kid who wont stop bugging them about work. Keep your clients updated with your work. Start a blog, e-mail them occasionally (once a month at most) with updates of what you have been working on. Never stop learning, you will never know everything about photography. I learn new things everyday, be it ways to make a subject more comfortable during a shoot, or how to deal with an annoying celebrity. If you follow these simple steps you will start an amazing journey into the world of photography. While there is no guarantee you will be the next Eddie Adams, you will at least have fun and love what you do.

A Message from the Professional

Mike Foley is a professor at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communication, he specializes in reporting and professional practice.

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