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Helpful Links Used in this How-To Web Site

My Personal Blog

Here you may find blog entries from various assignments that I do. In these entries you will read about how I work a freelance assignment and some of the interesting stories that happen at work.

My Professional Blog

My professional blog is used for myself and colleagues to write about the changes in the journalism industry. Here there are links to other web sites, new technologies being used and stories of great journalists.

How to Network

Business Pundit offers many solutions to how to run your business, offers great advice on professional practices and has many recommended books. - Freelance is similar to but with a more broad audience. Here you may find other tips and links to freelance writing.

The Orlando Sentinel

The Orlando Sentinel is where I started to freelance, here I began my career in journalism and it will always have a special place as the root of many of my other assignments.

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