How to Advance within the Sport

Though growing in steadily in popularity, the opportunities that can develop out of fastpitch are limited. With only 6 professional teams within the National Pro Fastpitch League, college is normally the dedicated player's goal. Recruitment can be very time consuming and takes a lot of dedication and effort if you are serious about advancing within the sport.

When seeking recrutiment, you should become very aware of your stats and be ready to fill out form after form informing your desired college of them. Being proactive is key to successful recruiting. If you are on a travel or club team, you probably already participate in showcase tournaments where college coaches are present. Be aware of which coaches are going to be present and be proactive in e-mailing them and asking them to come watch you. Recruitment is not just about a coach seeing you and deciding you are good enough to play for them, but you getting yourself out there and knowing what you have to offer a higher level team.

Advancing within fastpitch is a serious committment and not one that should be taken lightly. College softball is almost a full-time job and requires the utmost dedication by its players; not only does the level of competition increase, but so the does the level of athleticism and skill you are supposed to provide along with the practice.

© Jenna Harris 2009