The Path of Preparation

So First, How Do You Score That Awesome Interview?

Do Some Research

The Internet is a beautiful thing, folks. The amount of information that can be found just by surfing and searching for 10 minutes may surprise you. Research jobs in your field of interest, find out the names of the recruiters you might be meeting with or the people in high places. Read their biographies, if available. Study up on the company and what it's about. Go in with a confident attitude and the knowledge to back it up.

Talk to Everyone You Know

You never know whose mother's cousin's sister, or neighbor's uncle's goddaughter may have a connection that you might need. Make sure everyone knows good and well that you're graduating and looking for a job. They might not seem like they're listening at the time, but you might pop back up in someone's memory when he or she just happens to be talking to an old friend who just happens to be an executive at the company of your dream job.

Be Prepared

Be ready to answer any questions, about yourself or your portfolio, at the drop of a hat. Always have a resume on hand, even if you're just going to drop by. (Sample Resumes) Always look presentable when passing through, even if it's just to drop off a Resume and Cover Letter, because you never know when you might be called for an interview right then and there. According to Charles Duval of the Career Resource Center at the University of Florida, being prepared for anything at anytime will set you above the rest and ensure that when compared to others, YOU stick in their minds.

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