Talkin' Shop: How to Impress

Undiscovering the Secrets to Effective Interviewing

So there you are...sitting down to the interview of your dreams. What do you do now? More than ever you're wishing you could read minds so you could get an idea as to what is going through the head of the person sitting across from you.

What can you do to impress that person? What can make you stand out? What can make you unique? Here are 3 things to think about.

Presentation is Everything

Within the first 10 seconds of the employer spotting you, depending on the tone of the interview, it's possible that he or she has already judged you based on your appearance. "Appearance can go a long way," says Mr. Harris. "It helps the employer get an idea of who you are from the very beginning. It also shows the respect and consideration that you have for the employer and the interview itself."

Practical Experience=Job Offer

In more and more careers domains, employers are looking to see what you've done in your professional field of choice. They want to see that they won't have to teach you from scratch, and it's desirable when an employee can come in and hit the ground running, using prior knowledge and only improving from there. So if you know what you're doing, make sure the employer knows that. Mr. Harris tells the story of a student in the College of Journalism who graduated with a 4.0 but could not find a job. Which tell us...

The Big, or Bad, GPA is a Thing of the Past

Mr. Harris notes that many companies are more interested in what you've done in the field than HOW you've done in the classroom. Almost every time, experience will beat school smarts, especially when you've excelled in those experiences and come out of it with a wealth of knowledge that could only benefit a company-s growth and well-being.