Don't I Look Good: Interview Fashions

You Shoot, You SCORE!!!

You got that interview; that was the hard part. Now it is your duty to NOT SCREW IT UP! A big way to stay conscientious is to pay attention to your wardrobe when you head to meet your future boss.

Business Casual

Ladies: Business casual should consist dress slacks or skirt, preferably in a darker color, with a matching blouse. Shoes can be open-toed, but pumps of a moderate height are preferred. Hair can be loose, but should be pinned back out of your face. Minimal jewelry, such as a small chain and stud earrings are acceptable, as well as minimal makeup.

Men: Business casual should consist of "a shirt and tie at least," says Mr. Harris. He goes on to say that while that is acceptable, along with dark dress pants, and matching shoes and socks, a sports coat or a suit would be much more appropriate in most cases.

Woman in Business Casual Man in Business Casual

Business Professional

Ladies: Business professional should consist of a full suit with jacket, preferably in a dark color, with closed-toed pumps, and panty hose if necessary. Hair should be pulled back and tasteful jewelry can be worn. However, according to Mr. Harris, some employers are now looking for that power suit in bold red or sassy pink, the ones who strive to be looked at as an individual in a sea of faceless clones .They try hard to set themselves apart from the rest of the competition. But Mr. Harris doesn't recommend it, instead cautioning students about being too showy and turning off your interviewer.

Men: Business professional ensure that men are dressed in a full suit, complete with jacket. Shoes and belt should match, and tie should complement both the shirt color and the suit cut.

Woman in Business Professional Man in Business Casual