How to Score the Perfect Job

What Do I Do Now?

So you've had your interview...and wait. But you don't have to just sit, twiddling your thumbs. There are ways that you can actively wait and still keep yourself current in the heads of prospective employers.

Mind Your Manners

According to Mr. Harris, after completing your interview, you should write the interviewer a thank-you note, thanking them for taking the time out to interview you and mentioning again how interested you are in the job opportunity. "After they leave, there’s a possibility that they needed to be reminded of who you are,” says Mr. Harris. “By writing them, you put yourself back in their minds to think about as they make their decisions."

Timing is Key

Mr. Harris recommends that you send the note within the week, before too many other people are interviewed and you become just a resume.

Especially if the position called for an immediate fill, Mr. Harris then advises that you check in again in two weeks, sending a message such as, "I just wanted to make sure that there was nothing else you needed from me," or "Just checking to make sure that you were keeping my resume in mind." He says you should reiterate your interest in the position, so there is no mistake that you want the position.

Be a Free Agent

Keep your options open. In today's market, with today's economy, job-hunting is a grueling, stressful process. Don't get discouraged. Keep applying; keep building good and strong relationship with employers and people in your field. You never know when something could bite...when you least expect it.