How to Score the Perfect Job

It's the End of Your Senior Year and Graduation is Approaching...

Cap and Gown? Check.

Graduation Tickets? Check.

Employment Opportunity?...Uh-oh.

With this site, I hope to show you that with the right skills, you can nail that interview for your dream job, just in time to stride across that stage with a confident smile.

You'll learn how to prepare for your interview (including how to score one), how to dress, how to impress your future employer and how to check in afterwards to let him or her know you're still alive and dying to hear from him.

You'll also get some advice from an expert in the interviewing field, Charles Harris who is the Director of the Knight Division at the University of Florida, handling scholarships, internships and multicultural affairs. Mr. Harris knows what employers look for from potential employees, and is well-informed in all aspects of the interview process.

When you leave this site, there will be NO excuses for why the perfect job isn't handed to you on a silver platter.