Here is how a clean and jerk is supposed to look, when proper technique is used.

Clean and Jerk from Derek Gilliam on Vimeo.

Three Steps

There are three steps to the clean and jerk. Those steps are the Pull, the Catch, and the Jerk. Although you may not become an Olympic gold metal winner overnight, it is the goal of this Web site to teach the basic technique that will allow you to see improvements.

  • Pull
  • The pull is a explosive movement. This movement takes the bar from the ground and explodes the bar to your chest.

  • Catch
  • The Catch step follows the Pull. For many, this step is the most difficult part of the clean. At this point in the clean the bar is in motion and is on its way down after you have pulled the weight.

  • Jerk
  • Finally there is the Jerk. As with all the parts of this exercise, the Jerk is a rapid movement. When the bar is over your head with both arms locked out you have completed the lift.