The Pull

Step1 pull

Step 1

Make sure you have stretched out before you attempt this exercise. Begin with a grip slightly wider than shoulder length. Situate yourself so that you are bent at the knees with the majority of your weight underneath your hips. Keep your back as straight as possible. Keep your head up, eyes focused ahead of yourself. Make sure your elbows are NOT bent. This can lead to injury. Bring the bar so that it almost scrapes your shins. This is important as the bar should be close to your body throughout the lift.

Step2 pull

Step 2

The power generated to lift the weight comes exclusively from your legs and gluts. Imagine your legs are springs and need to uncoil. It must be a quick movement. Jump upward extending the body. Drive the weight threw your heels.

Step3 pull

Step 3

As you pull the weight make sure that you are not swinging the bar. You are pulling the bar upward so that when you have pulled it to its maximum height you drop underneath. When the bar has passed your knee, start to roll your hips through the weight.