Every thing you ever wanted to know about the Clean and Jerk

The begining of the Clean and Jerk.

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Welcome to my Web site. When I was in high school, I joined the weightlifting team. Through that experience I learned the Olympic sport of weightlifting. Unlike traditional power lifting, Olympic lifting involves rapid and explosive movement. These explosive movements are extremely beneficial in sports, particularly football and basketball.

I was lucky. My high school had a coach that was certified to teach the clean and jerk. Every weightlifting meet I was apart of our team had better technique then our opponents. Bad technique in the clean and jerk can be dangerous. You run the risk of severely injuring yourself if you lift heavy weight incorrectly. Never the less at every meet I would see someone incorrectly execute the exercise. I have created this Web site in the hopes that more people will learn proper technique. If you follow my three steps to the clean and jerk you will see an improvement in your overall technique, hopefully decreasing the likelyhood of injury.