Stretch Hummer Exterior

So you have decided to go out for the bachelorette party you are throwing, and now you are looking for transportation. Well it depends on where you are planning on having your bachelorette party, however if you plan on partying in Gainesville Florida then please check out the limousine companies we have available to you.

Candies Productions Limo

Stretch Hummer Interior

AP Limousine and Sedan Service

Sterling Limousine

Helpful Advice

Each of the websites I have listed above, have more vehicles available then just limousines. There are bus routes in several locations in Gainesville, Florida if you happen to be interested in saving more money and taking a bus. There are also many cab companies that have vans available if you choose to just go the cab route. Please do not be intimidated by prices, and if you choose to rent anything make sure you reserve your vehicle early, just in case.