The Inexpensive Party

We all know the economy is getting bad and money has yet to start growing on of trees. If your wallet is a little tight and you canít afford much donít get down on yourself just yet. Check out these little inexpensive bachelorette party ideas. As long as all the bride-to-beís friends are with her, she will not even notice you didnít break bank for her.

Bride-To-Be Accessories

Donít worry if you canít seem to find the right veil. Head to the local store and get a piece of fabric, then hot glue that fabric to any head piece you want. You can even make a veil out of a baseball cap if you choose. You can even choose to make matching headbands for everyone at the party.

Inexpensive Themes

Letís take this easy, if there is a river around you then set up a little picnic. Bring along inner tubes that you can float down the river on. Beer and hotdogs would sound great in this atmosphere, and no need to worry about your money on those items. Wrap string, with cans tied to the end, around her tube, so when she floats down the river she will still get plenty of attention.


Rent a minivan, or borrow one from someone, there must be someone! Tie little cans around the bumper in order to have them drag and make a lot of noise while driving around town. The more attention the better! No matter where your destination is it will definitely get looks and giggles. Get some of that washable car paint and decorate the car windows to add a little more attention to you ladies tonight.

Beverages for the Party

It is always so easy to B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Beer) All you have to do as the host is write those four letters on the bottom of your invitations and people will bring their own alcohol. Saves you money and the hassle to try and find out exactly what everyone will drink.

Passing The Time

Check out the game page on this website, there are a few simple games you can play with little money needed.