Find Your Theme

Congratulations you are officially the maid-of-honor! Now is the time to get the party planning started. Let's find a theme for your lucky bride!

Country Bride

If you have a country bride I would suggest the redneck theme. This theme would most likely work if you were choosing to go to a low key bar or club, dressing the bride up in a pink cowgirl hat with a veil attached would be a great addition. Costumes would be a must for this theme, whether staying at a friend’s house or headed out to a country bar. Think about matching shirts, vests, or hats to wear with all the party members in order to make everyone stand out in the bar. The more attention on the bride-to-be the better!

Conservative Bride

Relaxing Bachelorette Party

If you have a bride that just wants to relax and spend time with her closest friends without making a big deal about getting married, then plan a day out by the pool. Fun in the sun with a bunch of girls can always be relaxing, especially to an already overly anxious bride. Bring some fun games or maybe just a radio to listen to some music while sunbathing. Keep the bride’s mind off of the wedding as much as possible, try not to make her stress out too much. Again if alcohol is wanted then pack up a cooler and bring it poolside.

Relaxed Bride

If you have a conservative bride then maybe a relaxing day at the local spa would be nice. Grab a few girls and a few bottles of wine and head to a day at the spa. Now this might be a little on the expensive side, so please be ready to open your wallet for this theme. Remember bachelorette parties do not always have to be all about crazy drunken madness. Take a few games with to play while getting your matching pedicures!

Adventurous Bride

If you have an outdoors kind of bride then I suggest keeping the party outside! Possibly heading to a golf course to shoot a few balls, or tubing down the river at Ginnie Springs. But always remember which ever theme you do choose make sure the bride-to-be is always wearing something loud enough to have everyone notice that it is her last day of “freedom”. It really just adds to the excitement, and gives the woman a little extra attention, and who doesn’t love a little extra attention! Tying cans to her tube while she’s floating down the Ginnie springs would be perfect! Bring extra games as well to keep the day interesting, and if the alcohol is wanted don’t forget that either.

Bar Scene Bride

Mixed Liquors

If you have a bar scene bride then check out the local bars, a list of Gainesville bars is located on this website. Bring little games in order to spice up the bar night, and starting the bar night off at someone’s home is always a good way to get the night going. Saves you money and car pooling is always recommended. If money is not an issue then maybe investing in a hotel to make the party an over-night party could be fun. Bring sleeping bags for people if there are too many, it might be just what the bride needs before her big day, a huge sleep over with a bunch of her close friends.

Naughty Bride

If none of these themes work then maybe you are dealing with a naughty bride. In this case, maybe staying at home and calling a friendly guest to dance for everyone is needed. Or have everyone come to the party with a naughty gift. There are games you can purchase in order to spice up the party or bring it to another level if need be. If this is the case then live it up and have fun, I mean it is her last night of “freedom”.