Picture of Martini

If you plan to have the party at home, or just want to start the party early at someone’s home then try these cocktails out, fun names will get the party off to a great start! Not only will the names give the ladies a chuckle but the liquor will also help to loosen up the bride-to-be and possibly some of the other woman who need a little break in their real life. The list below gives easy and fun ideas for women thinking about making some homemade cocktails of their own. Easy ingredients with measures located next to them. You can serve them up in a martini glass, or on the rocks in a tall glass, the choice is up to you.

Blow Job

This can be either taken as a shot or made into a drink, amount of liquor you need depends on type of drink you are going to make. If it is taken as a shot, the person must hold their hands behind their back and take the shot only using their mouth.

Picture of  Cocktail
Love Potion
Pearl Necklace
Pink Panty Pull Down
Sex With The Bartender


How Well Do You Know Your Man

This game is to see just how good the bride-to-be knows her fiance. First someone needs to ask the fiance twenty questions before the bachelorette party occurs, write them down. Then ask each person, as they come into the party, for a dollar, as they give you their dollar have them write a guess of how many questions the bride-to-be will answer correctly out of the twenty she will be asked. Start the game whenever the time is right, the bride-to-be will be answering all the questions. With every wrong question she must drink, at the end, whoever guessed the right amount wins half of the money collected. The other half will be used to buy the bride-to-be drinks or to spend on her honeymoon.

Beads Galore

Each woman is given 2 necklaces upon arrival to the bachelorette party. They are then told the 2 words that they cannot say all night(ex: groom and bride). If anyone is caught saying either word she then loses a necklace to the woman who caught her. At the end of the night, the woman with the most beads wins. A little goody bag or certificate can be given out.

Stocking the Kitchen

Before the party, ask everyone invited to bring a kitchen utensil with them, one they will not get back. When the guests arrive, take their utensils to a back room, have an apron and safety pins available. Hang all of the utensils on the apron with the safety pins and put the apron on the bride-to-be. Have everyone else sit down and have the bride-to-be walk around the room for one minute while all the guests try and remember what is on the apron. After the bride-to-be leaves, give the guests 2 minutes to try and write down everything they can remember. The guest that remembers the most correctly wins and the bride-to-be gets to keep the apron with all the utensils.