The Origin Of The Bachelorette Party

A Bar Scene Bachelorette Party

Whenever there is a wedding there almost always comes a bachelor party and bachelorette party, a tradition started in Europe that slowly grew and migrated to the United States. The bachelor and bachelorette parties are when the groom-to-be and bride-to-be get together with their friends and celebrate their last free night as a single man and woman. The newer version of the bachelorette party basically grew from the bachelor party. Men would go out and celebrate their last night of “freedom” in bars or in strip clubs while women spent their last night of “freedom” opening up gifts from their friends, mostly lingerie or fun little household items that would be useful in their new home. During the late 1990’s the bachelorette parties became more adventurous. The women were no longer sitting around opening gifts together, instead they wanted to celebrate their last night of “freedom” more like the men and headed to the bars themselves. Today there are several stores, themes, locations, ideas, and fun activities that women participate in to honor the bride-to-be on her last night of “freedom.” More recently the bachelorette party has become a fun night out with girlfriends and possibly more exciting than most bachelor parties.

Being a Maid-Of-Honor Is Intense

Picture of Bachelorette Balloon

I made this website for all those maids-of-honor out there, especially the ones who have never been blessed with such a large responsibility before. I was 21-years-old when I had become a maid-of-honor, and I really was not ready. Becoming a maid-of-honor is great, it’s comforting to know someone considers you that close to them that they want you to be such a huge part of their wedding, it literally is an honor. In my situation, I searched the internet for ideas to help me in the planning of my bachelorette party for my sister and never quite found what I was looking for. So I decided to create my own how-to website in hopes that this website will later assist someone who is stuck in a situation like I once was. I want women to know that by agreeing to become maid-of-honor you must also take with it the responsibilities, which include but are not limited to, planning the bachelorette party, being there for the bride on her special day, helping with arrangements, getting little things organized, picking up little odds and ends and so on and so forth. This title requires a lot of patience and energy but in the end, if the bride is happy, then your job is complete.