For Starters...

Let's Start off with the basics. Before jumping headlong into training let's look at a few dog types and traits. Further down in the page we will also go over the importance of patience, attitude, and love.


Working Group



Herding Breed



A good article on the traits of these breed groups: discovery articles

Patience, Attitude, and Love

Pets are wonderful to own. They can really brighten up your life, but you must make sure you can take care of the animal's basic needs. This includes guidance and love. Training is a good way to provide some of the basic needs and it requires all three characteristics mentioned in the sub-title. Just remember:

  1. Patience: Every trick takes time and every dog learns at different rates.
  2. Attitude: A dog in training will only follow a master who excerts confidence and dominance. When the owner takes up the role of the leader, the dog can relax and just be the pet.
  3. Love: This quality can't really be overlooked. It is the motivation to train the dog and the care given.
Remember: PAL