Key items:

  • Straight skirt
  • Slim pants
  • V-neck tops
  • Shift or T-shirt dresses

Having a ruler shape means a woman has slender hips with an indistinct waist. A great place to accentuate is the legs.

Skirts: Straight skirts with bubbled tops create depth, as well as slimmer tops and voluminous skirts, such as ruffled, bubble or flared.

Shirts: V-neck shirts elongate the neck and draws attention upward.

Pants: Semi-fitted pants or jeans show off this physique, especially when paired with a longer, looser top. Pants with bottom detail creates curves.

Dresses: Dresses that are looser work well with this body type. Sheath and tunic dresses, and even shirt dresses, are flattering. Avoid belts or waist-emphasizing styles which may bring attention to a thicker middle.

Try this!

Wear a skirt with a drop-waist to elongate and slenderize.