Key items:

  • Short skirt
  • Shift dress
  • Dark jeans
  • Slender tops

Petite women are those 5'4 and under. One can be tall and also another body type. Height is only in addition to type.

Skirts: Slim-line skirts are best in solid colors. Long skirts are a no-no. Short skirts work with petite frames because they elongate the leg line.

Shirts: High necklines on shirts do not overwhelm petite frames as they may others. Avoid shirts with too much fabric, because it might have a drowning effect.

Pants: Dark colored pants work best. Pants may have to be altered for height, so avoid cuffs that might shorten the leg line and cause tailoring problems.

Dresses: Shift dresses flatter petite physiques. Dresses that hit just above the knee work well. Dresses with the seam just under the bust also elongate the leg line.

Try this!

Wear body-skimming fabrics and short hemlines to show off a great petite frame.