Key items:

  • Pencil skirt
  • Wrap or belted top
  • Structured dress
  • Semi-fitted clothing

Women who fall into the hourglass category have a proportional hip/bust ratio with a distinct waist. This is typically the ideal and model female body type.

Skirts: Pencil skirts showcase a trim waist and proportional curves. High-waisted skirts emphasize a distinct middle.

Shirts: Shirts that are semi-fitted to the body and gently skim curves show off a Coke-bottle figure. Belted and wrap shirts are ultra figure-flattering.

Pants: Slender-fit and low-rise pants do work, as well as the hard-to-pull-off high-waisted pants. All cuts flatter this physique.

Dresses: Wrap dresses and belted dresses draw attention to the lovely shape.

Try this!

Add a belt or wear a structured dress to play up proportional curves.