I can dress myself!

I'm, well, a mix...

I'm your classic hourglass figure with a touch of apple. I also happen to be 6'0 tall. But I make it work. And so can you.

My name is Jenan and I am currently a magazine journalism student and the University of Florida. I have spent hours and hours reading every magazine possible, and I spend any free time I can find browsing the mall and trying on clothing. I know my body, and I am confident this site can help you dress yours.

I would love hearing feedback from you about these suggestions and how you dress your body in the most flattering way.

You can reach me at

Some sites I found helpful...

These are some other figure-friendly sites that can help you dress your body even further:

♥ Video Guide and Tricks

This site has a video including more tricks for other body issues.

♥ Pictures of Body Types

This site has pictures of women with different shapes for comparison.

♥ Ann Taylor Loft

This clothing site has classic silhouttes for every body shape mentioned, including petite and tall sizes.