Key items:

  • Voluminous skirt
  • High-set sleeves
  • V-neck tops
  • Detailed pants

The cone shape means broad shoulders and chest and slender hips. Like an inverted triangle, the female's body narrows from top to bottom.

Skirts: This body type lends itself to skirts with volume. These can include bubble skirts, ruffles and flared skirts. These silhouttes creates a balance with a larger top.

Shirts: Shirts with high-set sleeves, such as raglan sleeves found on baseball shirts, narrow the shoulder to the eye.

Pants: Pants with large or flapped back pockets create the illusion of a larger back. To create a wider hips, patch pockets, front flap pockets and detail along the hip all lend to this type. Slim-cut pants look flattering when worn with a tunic top.

Dresses: Dresses with volume on the bottom but fitted on top balance out a top-heavy body.

Try this!

Wearing a low-slung belt across the hip area creates the illusion of wider hips.