Plain seams are used to do minor stitching. They can be found in collars and cuffs. They give a clean look after the harder seams have been sewn. When doing this seam, practice sewing straight. Most sewing machines have an indent on the presser foot that you can follow to keep your lines straight.

These are the steps to creating a plain stitch:

  1. Make a straight line 4" from one end of the sample and cut the piece in half along the line.
  2. Mark a stitching line 5/8" from each cut edge.
  3. Pin the two pieces together matching the stitching lines.
  4. Stitch the seam on the machine removing the pins as you go and being sure to backstitch at each end.
  5. Press the seam to one side and then the other. Open the seam press it flat.
  6. Use the pinking shears to cut the edges.
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