Jessica in the costume shop

As you move on in your sewing career, it is important to know how seaming, no matter how simple can be used in your clothing.

The University of Florida has a costume design program where students learn the basics and more difficult aspects of sewing.

Jessica Daniels, a second-year MFA student, got started in sewing when she was 14. She would help make clothes for Civil War re-enactments in her hometown of Valrico, Fla.

Even though most seams are associated with different types of clothing, it's not up to what's normally used.

"It deals with the way stitching reacts with the fabric," she says.

Daniels also suggests that if you looking for something that can use most seams, then you should try a knitted fabric. For practice, muslin is the best way to go. It's cheap and you can get it in printed versions, if you like.

You can see some of Jessica's seaming next semester. She will be the head costume designer for UF's production of A Streetcar Named Desire.

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