Reggaeton originated in Panama and is now much more popular and modern than the mambo. Reggaeton is often considered the 'dirty dancing' of this generation. It has gained such widespread popularity that is often seen outside the latin community. Reggaeton is often seen in clubs, and it is quite popular with the college crowd. While this type of dancing is often seen as quite provocative, many believe that it is just an intensified expression of the beats.Reggaeton is a blend of hip-hop, reggae, R&B and more traditional Latin American music. Most reggaeton songs include the artist rapping and singing in spanish. Popular reggaeton artists include Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, Eddy K and CandyMan. Reggaeton is great for any type of party because there are no steps to learn! One simply has to dance to the music. Much of reggaeton dancing is characterized by grinding on a partner, so it is important to think of the type of guests you are inviting before introducing this type of dancing to a party. Reggaeton can be danced in anyway, however, so you may want to play the music for the atmosphere. Included is an example of reggaeton music.

Fuego from Totem on Vimeo.

Video from Totem's Vimeo.