What is a 'cuban party'?

Cuban Party

"When I hear Cuban party what pops into my mind is music, enjoyment, happiness. It's just latin. It comes in your blood and makes you feel alive"- Jimena Chavez

"When I think of a Cuban party I think of dancing, music, hot women and of course, food."- Ricky Ramos

"Maybe it's because we are from a hotter country, but we love to get up close and personal. We're passionate, we aren't afraid to hug, to touch each other."- Jimena Chavez

A Cuban party is nothing more than celebrating the unique Cucan culture. Celebrating the Cuban culture by cooking traditional cuban food, having traditional cuban music and giving off the feel and ambience of Cuba can make any party a Cuban party. This site's goal is to provide information on different Cuban culture that can be utilized at a party. Hopefully, visiotrs will learn a little more about the Cuban culture and will have a bit of fun throwing a Cuban fiesta! Please explore, and enjoy yourself.