Setting-Up a Freshwater Aquarium

Maintenance Instructions*

A tank will only survive for so long without regular, thorough maintenance. Here's a couple of instructions to help you keep your freshwater aquarium looking as wonderful as when you first set it up.

Daily Maintenance

Look at your fish and get to know them.
Check the temperature of the tank to make sure it is at an appropriate level.
Make sure the filter is still running and that the water is flowing at the same rate as usual.

Weekly Maintenance

Water Changes: Regular, partial water changes ensures that you tank will stay fresh and your fish healthy.
Glass Cleaning: Cleaning algae off of the glass once a week will keep your tank looking clean and make for easy viewing of your fish.
Vacuuming: A good vacuuming once a week is highly recommended since it will keep the gravel detritus and will allow the filter to function more efficiently.

Monthly Maintenance

Filter Cleaning: Gently rinse the biofilter with water to clear it from any clogs.
Cover Glass Cleaning: A regular cleaning of the tank cover willeliminate the dust on the outside and the accumulated calcium deposits and algae on the inside.
Ammonia and pH Levels: Remember to maintain appropriate levels of ammonia and pH in your aquarium.

*Instructions based on Pet University's Web site.