A Guide to the Gator Nation

Making Your Way Through UF's Guyland

Welcome to the one-stop location for all the information you'll ever need to make your way through your time at the University of Florida. This site is designed for new generations of male Gators who are looking for the best way to navigate the university terrain and make the best of the college experience. Congratulations on your acceptance and welcome to the Gator Nation.

The collegiate experience is an opportunity to bring so many new things into your life. It is a time to meet new people, learn more about yourself, and help you develop a path to follow through the rest of your life. Over the past few decades the atmosphere on college campuses across the country has changed. Collegiate men today live in a complex world with many nuances. In his book, Guyland: the Perilous World Where Boys Become Men, sociologist and SUNY professor Michael Kimmel, PhD. Outlines the parameters of this comer of society and helps to create an understanding of how young American men can make it through these transformative years and enter adulthood.

This website will help you find your way through Guyland at UF. Here you'll find information and helpful hints about beginning your college career, finding a place at UF that fits you, keeping fit, and mapping a path that will take your through your time at UF… no matter how long that may take. College can be the best experience of your life and spending it the University of Florida is a great opportunity. Again congratulations and GO GATORS!