Childbirth classes can prepare soon-to-be parents for a number of things that occur during and around delivery. They serve as a free and flexible forum to ask all kinds of questions you may have. The classes can help you make informed decisions about key issues involved in your baby's delivery. Some basic information that is discussed in most birthing classes includes: how your baby is developing; healthy developments in your pregnancy; warning signs that something is wrong; how to make your labor and delivery more comfortable; breathing and relaxation techniques; how to tell when you are in labor; pain relief options during labor; what to expect during labor and delivery; the role of the labor partner or birthing coach.

There are two main types of childbirth classes: the Lamaze Technique and the Bradley Method. You can find a vast array of these two classes that meet in person or are conducted on the web.

<Husband holding his pregnant wife at a lamaze class>
<Baby gazing off into the distance>
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Remember to check with your insurance plan, hospital or birthing center to ensure the birthing class is best for you.
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