The way you tie your clothing depends on which design you want. Here's a list of some popular designs and tying instructions for each.



How to make a spiral


Place your garment on a flat surface. Place your thumb and pointer finger in the center and begin twisting until the entire garment is included in the swirl. The key is to make sure the swirl is VERY tight. It might take a few tries before it's tight enough.

Tie your spiral together using rubber bands. Remember: the more, the merrier! The tighter you bind your spiral together, the better it will look. I would suggest using 20 to 30 rubber bands.

Continue dyeing instructions as usual.

Tie-dye stripe

How to make a stripe


Lay your garment flat, and scrunch it up vertically, like in the picture to the right.

Wrap rubber bands around the shirt in the places you want stripes. You will need two rubber bands for each stripe. If you only want one stripe, place one rubber band directly below the sleeve of your shirt and the other a few inches below. For other garments, place the stripe in the top middle area.

Continue dyeing instructions as usual.

Tie-dye bullseye

How to make a bullseye

Bull's Eye

Place your garment on a flat surface. Pinch and lift the center of the garment.

Place rubber bands along the section you lifted. The number of rubber bands you use depends on how many sections you want in your bull's eye.

Continue dyeing instructions as usual.

Tie-dye heart
How to make a heart


Choose a symmetrical shape that you want on your clothing. Fold your garment in half (horizontal or vertical, depending on the shape). Use a highlighter to draw half of the shape.

Carefully follow the shape with your fingers, scrunching the fabric together as you go. You should exaggerate any dips or corners to make sure the shape will turn out how you want it. After you have traced the entire shape, tie rubber bands along the highlighted areas.

Continue dyeing instructions as usual.

If you want more of a challenge, visit truetiedye.com for instructions on more challenging and intricate designs.