What You'll Need

1. White clothes

Anything from t-shirts to dresses. For first timers, I suggest using cheaper garments in case you mess up. For seasoned dyers, try new pieces like shorts or skirts. 100 percent cotton is the best choice, because it is the most absorbent.

2. Fabric Dye

3. Rubber Bands

The more the merrier!

4. Buckets or Squirt Bottles

If you want more colorful tie-dye, use buckets to dip your clothing in. If you want more control about applying your dye or want more white in your creations, use squirt bottles. If you're following along through this guide, use buckets.

5. Trash bags or newspapers

You'll need something to lay down around your tie-dyeing area, especially if you're working inside.

6. Gloves

You'll need gloves to protect your hands from being dyed unpleasant colors and from soda ash (used to prepare your clothes).

7. Highlighters

If you want to create tie-dye shapes such as hearts and peace signs.