How to Pull Off a Trendy Tie-Dye Look


Marcy Simmerson, pictured left, gives a few tips on how to look cute when you wear your tie-dye creations.

1. Go Retro

Wear 60s- or 70s-style accessories to wear with your tie-dye. Try a bohemian skirt, aviators or peace sign earrings. Tie-dye is the perfect addition to a retro outfit.

"Don't go too crazy with retro clothing, but an occasionally vintage look can be refreshing to your wardrobe."

2. Make a Headband to Match

Use spare fabric to tie-dye a headband. Don't use too much color or very complicated designs if you're wearing a headband with your tie-dye. This will result in what Simmerson calls a "tie-dye overload."

3. Make it Into a Dress

Tie-dye a large or extra large men's T-shirt. Wear a belt around your waist, and scrunch up the shirt around the belt so it is forms around your figure.

"Use belts to your advantage. They can make even the simplest outfits trendy and fresh."

4. Venture Beyond Boring T-shirts

If you're used to tie-dyeing only plain, white T-shirts, try new garments such as dresses or skirts. Simmerson recommends a long, tie-dye skirt with a plain tank top and trendy jewelry.

For examples of tie-dye in recent fashion trends, visit Fashion Indie's "Bringing Back Tie-Dye"