1. Dip it

Dip your garment in each color you want for about 30 seconds. After removing it from the bucket, squeeze the fabric to prevent the colors from running. Depending on how bright you want your colors, you can repeat dips as many times as you want (I usually do it about three times). If you are doing bull's eye, stripes or shape design, make sure each section is a distinct color, or at least alternate between two colors. If you are doing a spiral design, you have much more freedom when dipping. Let the colors blend together.

2. Let it sit

Place your garment in a plastic bag, and let it sit for about 24 hours. Be patient, because the longer you let it sit, the more the fabric will absorb the dye. This means your creations will stay vibrant longer.

3. Unravel your creation

After at least 24 hours of sitting, you're ready to see your masterpiece. Either cut or untie the rubber bands to unravel your garment. Be sure to wring out all excess dye to make sure the colors do not bleed. This will not make your clothes any less vibrant.

4. Washing and further care

For the first time, wash each of your creations separately in cold water. Some say washing by hand is preferable, but machine washing is fine as long as you have wrung out the clothes before washing them. Let your garment air dry to preserve the colors. After the first wash, you can wash your tie-dye like any other piece of clothing.