A step-by-step guide to making groovy garments

Groovy tie-dye

So, you wanna learn to tie-dye?

I'm Emily. I don't praise The Byrds. I don't use the phrase "far out." I've never hitchhiked my way to San Francisco. But I do love tie-dyeing. Who doesn't enjoy playing around with dye, making a mess and getting a new t-shirt all at the same time? I only dye a few times a year, but once I return, I become addicted again. I begin dyeing a single t-shirt and end scrummaging my drawers for any garments that are remotely dyeable. I must give you a fair warning before embarking on your tie-dye adventure: once you start, you'll never stop.

Whether you're new to tie-dyeing or a seasoned dyer, hopefully this guide will help you discover your inner hippie. On top of learning how to make groovy tie-dye, you can check out the history behind the trend and learn how to pull off your creations in a trendy way. Get your rubber bands ready and start practicing your hippie poses, it's time to dye!