It's recorded. What's next?

Creating the audio file

It can take a while, but this is the screen you'll see during the multi-step process that creates your podcast file.

Your audio recording program will do most of the heavy lifting for you in terms of creating the actual mp3 file, so there is not a whole lot of technical work involved in this part of the process. GarageBand (pictured to the right) in particular is extremely helpful when it comes to just asking you what kind of file (mp3, aac, etc.) and what level of quality (good, high, higher) you want your output file to be.

In GarageBand, you simply click "Share," then "Export Song to Disk..." then select the file type you want -- once again, I recommend mp3 -- and the audio quality -- again, I'll recommend "High Quality" unless you're really dependent upon music -- and click "Export."

This process will create your podcast file for you to listen to on your computer. Personally, I recommend listening back to the show before you continue to the next step just in case something might not be right or as you remembered it. But now that you have the file recorded, compressed and produced, you are ready to put your file onto the Internet.

Getting your file online

Now that you have a recorded and produced podcast file, it's time to start the technical stuff. The following information is seemingly the most difficult, but don't worry, it simply becomes routine after the first few times you do it.

Before we can get to the ins and outs of uploading every podcast you record, let's deal with the framework.

First, remember all of the accounts you created when you started this process? Blogger, Feedburner and iTunes? Good. You're about to put them to use.

Let's start, however, with getting that mp3 file onto the Internet. You'd think this would be easy, and it really is if you happen to have Web space and a server to upload to. I'll assume you don't, though, because to be honest, the alligatorSports Podcast simply uses the Alligator's server to host the file.

The most easily accessible and notable free file-hosting service online is Ourmedia. Create an account with and upload your file. Keep this link handy -- you'll use it soon.